Lucero at Big Apple BBQ


Saw Lucero play at the Big Apple BBQ on Saturday.  These dudes are great and there is nothing like standing outside in a park in the middle of Manhattan in the rain, drinking beer, eating ribs, and watching them play.  They played a long set with lots of new songs.  It was awesome, and they looked to be having a blast.  That kid in the picture got up and danced like a wild man in the middle of the set, and the band and crowd were equally amused.  I’ve always liked this band a lot and find them to be a refreshing alternative to the majority of the bands gushed about by Pitchfork.  So fun to see while getting drunk with your friends on Saturday afternoon.  They apparently went and played another set that night at Pianos.  Cheers to both their tenacious work and drinking ethic.  I highly approve.


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