Needle In The Grooves

the kills - keep on your mean side
















I finally went out and bought a record player this weekend.  This has been a long time coming for me, and I’ve thought and talked about getting one for years.  I can’t really offer any excuse as to why it took me until now to get one, but whatever the reason was, I don’t care now because I have one and I couldn’t be happier.














Along with the player, I picked up The Kills’ first record, Keep on Your Mean Side, and Johnny Cash Live at Town Hall Party 1958 on vinyl.  I had been looking for The Kills record for a while on CD and could never find it in any stores in New York, so I was thrilled to find in my random perusing on Saturday.  It is a great record by one of my favorite bands right now.  The Cash record is obviously badass and the songs sound warm and organic on vinyl.  I am very excited about this long overdue endeavor to aggrandize my music collection.  I will be making frequent trips to the record store and update with any purchases of particular interest.


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