Jenny Lewis at Battery Park July 4















While most people split for the long weekend, I had no travel plans and found myself in the eerily quiet city with my girlfriend and a handful of other folks.  Having just seen her a few weeks ago at Music Hall of Williamsburg, and really enjoying it, we decided to check out Jenny Lewis at Battery Park on the 4th of July. Some hip, rootsy rock and roll across from the Statue of Liberty seemed to be the patriotic thing to do, and after all, it was free.  

Opposite to the stark midtown streets, downtown was littered with tourists, and music fans who showed up in throngs to see Lewis and headliner Conor Oberst. After making our way through the winding queue, we found a spot in the shade and laid out a blanket.  Lewis came out donning an all-denim ensemble with American flag cape, looking as cute as ever.  She played nearly the exact same set as she did at Music Hall and her voice was noticeably off, but I didn’t care, and no one else seemed to either.  Forgoing a couple of the more sleepy numbers, it was a really upbeat and fun set.  Combine that with beautiful weather and no admittance charge, and I was more than satisfied.  We didn’t stick around for Oberst’s set. Seeing him help out on the Traveling Wilburys cover, “Handle With Care,” was enough for our group.  Plus, they weren’t serving booze, and I was antsy.  

This was my first River to River Festival event, and I’m extremely grateful that these types of events are available.


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