Third Man Records, The Vault, and “I Cut Like A Buffalo”


So maybe I’m a sucker and maybe I’m not, but since Jack White has yet to let me down with pretty much anything he has done, I signed up for the Platinum membership of his new distribution venture through Third Man Records, called The Vault.

Basically, I laid out 60 bucks for a three month membership that gives me exclusive online content to The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, and other Third Man artists. This content includes exclusive videos, messages, photos, live concerts, pre-sale ticket access, etc. etc. While that is all well and good, it was the hard stuff that caught my eye had made me get out my credit card. Every three months, Platinum members get a never before released 12″ LP and 7″ single from one of the artists on Third Man, along with a some sort of T-shirt. The vinyl will be offered nowhere else and will only be printed for Platinum members. For the first installment I will be receiving a 180 gram double of Icky Thump with new artwork and a mono mix, and 7″ from The Dead Weather that has covers of Pentagram’s “Forever My Queen,” and Downliners Sect’s “Outside.”

We will see how this works out and I don’t know if I will continue my membership, but this limited addition vinyl has me pretty interested. For your viewing pleasure, check out a live clip of The Dead Weather’s “I Cut Like A Buffalo.”


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